The world is a dynamic place, much like healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. They are always in movement and working to solve new issues and develop new innovative solution to make the world a safer place.

A hospital is designed to be a place for healing; people should feel welcome and safe here. But times are changing and sadly not only people with good intentions visit these places. There are also some with malicious intentions looking for new ways to commit crimes and do harm. Taking advantage of the open structure of these facilities.

This calls for a different security approach. A combination of hospitality and awareness. By sharing the responsibility to be alert and by being aware of the impact of not being aware, we create a powerful way to practice awareness: not only visibly, but also tangible. Security doesn’t always have to be seen, but it has to be felt. While at the same time reducing and preventing unwanted situations such as aggression, fraud and theft.

The power is already within the people, SDR® Academy helps you to bring it out and optimize this.