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Government & Municipalities

Ensuring a safe environment is not easy. Whether you are a policy-officer, a BOA or a receptionist: everybody interacts with people. SDR® Academy will help you to proactively search for deviant behavior before it transforms into crime, while at the same time providing a hospitality approach to your customers.

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Companies invest billions of dollars on loss prevention methods annually, with dismal results.

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Law Enforcement

Those charged with protecting high-traffic areas such as airports, train stations and shopping malls—or densely populated places like concert venues, sporting events and universities—are always on alert. But are they looking for the right signs? With the right training, they can accurately uncover malicious intent by attuning senses and sharpening natural instincts.

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The world is a dynamic place, much like healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. They are always in movement and working to solve new issues and develop new innovative solution to make the world a safer place.

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Public Transport

Every day, over 1 million (Dutch) people commute using buses, trains and trams. This highly complex and dynamic network is open and runs 24/7, making it vulnerable for people with malicious intent to steal, vandalize, and terrorize train stations, bus stops and fellow travellers.

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