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When should you follow an SDR® Behaviour Profiling training course?

SDR® Behaviour Profiling training courses are a tool to fight against both violence and intimidation. The method promotes acting on devious behaviour rather than ethnicity. Due to the proactive approach, the training offers a course of action in the event of attempted theft, nuisance caused by loitering youth, subversion, radicalization and the prevention of attacks. These topics require both knowledge and skills. To this end, SDR® Academy has developed various training courses. All SDR® Behaviour Profiling training courses are customized for our clients.

What can you expect after following an SDR® Behaviour Profiling training?

  • Participants learn how to objectively assess and report a situation.
  • Participants understand the importance of context to recognize deviant behaviour.
  • Participants will be able to spot deviant behaviour at an early stage.
  • Participants learn to respond proactively to prevent aggressive behaviour and crime.
  • Participants are aware of the impact of their actions.
  • Participants are motivated to contribute to the safety of their own environment.
  • Information sharing becomes efficient, uniform and unobtrusive.
  • Participants are aware that they act on deviant behaviour rather than ethnicity.


SDR® could be seen as a type of “human engineering” when it comes to detecting abnormal behaviour of people at an early stage. During the training, you will learn to objectively identify deviant behaviour at an early stage. The focus will lie on the importance of context when recognizing deviant behaviour. The method teaches you to act on deviant behaviour rather than ethnicity or other prejudices.

SDR® Academy provides customized training courses. The training courses focus on relevant security issues within Dutch society.

SDR® Behaviour Profiling training

This 3-day SDR® Behaviour Profiling training aims to broaden expertise with contemporary knowledge and skills, expanding your options in times of need. We will teach you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the SDR® method. The emphasis is on the handling of practical experience within the own work environment in which observing, assessing, responding and reporting are practised.

On the second day during the practical exercises, we will use actors. There will be room to deepen your knowledge and to give the participants personal attention. The training will focus on consolidation, a balance between theory and practice and a good opportunity for differentiation.

“Coaching on the job” (third day). After a few weeks, the trainer will visit the participants in their own work area. After a short evaluation of the intervening weeks, the trainer will accompany the employee during his or her work. “Coaching on the job” is used as a powerful tool to ensure that the correct methodology has been learned.

One-day SDR® Behaviour Profiling training

This one-day SDR® Behaviour Profiling training aims to broaden expertise with contemporary knowledge and skills. With it, expanding your options in times of need. We will teach you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the SDR® method. The emphasis is on the handling of practical experience within the own work environment in which observing, assessing, responding and reporting are practised. The one-day training is characterized by a less in-depth treatment of the teaching material. Theory and practice in a single day.

SDR® Behaviour Profiling Subversion

The emphasis of the SDR® Behaviour Profiling Subversion training is on recognizing changes in, for example, business parks or rural areas. Think of criminal activities like growing cannabis, but also the recognition of illegal prostitution. The training focuses on the communication between law enforcement and the lawbreaker and offers tools to prevent the escalation of difficult, sometimes emotional situations.

SDR® Behaviour Profiling Master training

It is a personal 1-on-1 coaching session that is only given by either a specialized senior trainer or the CEO, Ran Cohen, in addition to the SDR® Behaviour Profiling training. It is a customized course that aims at improving the ability to act during sensitive or risky situations.

SDR® Behaviour Profiling Masterclass

During the masterclass, we will introduce the SDR® philosophy and the value that the SDR® method adds. This masterclass is most often offered to companies as part of a team-building day. The masterclass is also given at colleges for students that fear unsafe situations in and outside their school. A lack of security is most often felt when going out, but online bullying also falls into the category.

SDR® Behaviour Profiling CCTV training

SDR® has developed a customizable program for employees who deal with camera surveillance.

A lot of visualization and interaction gives employees a clear picture of what is expected of them and how they can further develop their skills. They are encouraged to share insights and to deal with prolonged static situations. There will be training on both body language and attention retention during observations.

SDR® Behaviour Profiling Neighbourhood prevention

It is a customised program for citizens who want to, voluntarily, optimise safety and create a secure feeling in their working and living environment. By adequately preparing the residents, many courses of actions become possible whilst simultaneously improving self-reliance. In addition to genuine security, this also creates a stronger feeling of safety.

SDR® Behaviour Profiling Street coaches

In these training courses, insights in body language are linked to several core elements of nonviolent communication. Attention shall be given to the risks of ethnic profiling and a practical, clear method will be provided to prevent this risk. This is done based on the SDR conversation technique.

The participant is encouraged to obtain information from body language and to proactively anticipate this using body language. It allows for the possibility to work more safely with a better sense of situational control without displaying unwanted signals of defensive behaviour.

SDR® Behaviour Profiling Workshops

The power of the workshop lies in the spontaneity and the proven added value that the SDR® method brings to self-confidence and communication. During the session, one will become acquainted with the context of SDR® at a primal level.

Several things will be detailed to straightforwardly explain how SDR®, as a well-thought-out concept, can make complex matters manageable for anyone interested in safety and effective communication.

SDR® Behaviour Profiling Webinars

The SDR® Webinars are an introduction to the SDR® Academy Behaviour Profiling method. Both the philosophy of the method and the innovative way to use it will be explained. Based on current social situation examples where the enforcement of public order and safety are central, the applicability of the method within the various domains will be explained.

SDR® Behaviour Profiling Training e-learning

The E-learning course is an introduction to Behaviour Profiling training. It may be taken as a separate product but can also be used as preparation for the training.

SDR® Behaviour Profiling Communication skills

This customized training is only provided on request.

Attention shall be given to the risks of the communication problems and a clear method to prevent them will be provided. It will be done based on the SDR conversation technique.

Are you curious what the SDR® method entails? Are you interested in detecting deviant behaviour, but are you unsure whether a training/workshop is something for you or your company?

We can provide you with an inspiring masterclass or a session during a team-building day at a location of your choice.



Many municipalities in the Netherlands have to deal with behaviour issues on the streets and problems regarding enforcement. Even during this period where the COVID-19 virus is very relevant, there are great expectations regarding the resilience of the CSOs. Our unique SDR® training courses have already supported many CSOs in carrying out their enforcement tasks.






Neighbourhood prevention teams

Initiatives have been taken within many municipalities to improve the safety and quality of life in residential areas. SDR® teaches you how to recognize deviant behaviour. This knowledge will allow you to distinguish between serious irregularities and deviations that do not entail any potential risk. Only the serious reports will be followed up.






Retail & Horeca

Apart from security measures used by entrepreneurs themselves, SDR® teaches your employees how they can recognize signals of deviant behaviour that lead to aggression or nuisance and how to respond proactively. SDR® also provides modules that teach you how to interpret camera images. This method leads to a safer environment for both your customers and your employees.







More and more police officers have recently been experiencing work pressure due to, for example, understaffing, increased aggression within society and subversion. The SDR® training program aims to broaden the arsenal of the participants with contemporary knowledge and skills, thereby expanding their options.





Health care

There are challenges on the road to the new normal. Think of behavioural problems and confusion regarding new measures. The SDR® training program teaches you how you can objectively assess situations and communicate efficiently, greatly contributing to the safety of your environment.





Public transport

Everyone wants to feel safe on the bus, metro, train or tram, but unfortunately, this cannot be taken for granted. Stations are attractive locations for people with malicious intentions because of the hustle and bustle. SDR® has proven with its training that early detection of deviant behaviour can even prevent a bombing or shooting.