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About us

SDR® Academy

provides unique trainings courses aimed at

awarenesscommunication and public safety.

During the training, you will learn to communicate collaboratively. The focus is on raising awareness of body language and recognizing key indicators. These skills are indispensable when proactively maintaining public order.

The SDR® method relies on the human ability to recognize deviant behaviour with our primal instinct. During the training, the participant will learn to become aware of signals that will become instinctive when facing deviant behaviour. With a solid foundation based on behavioural indicators, you will learn to effectively respond to deviant behaviour as opposed to ethnicity or other external characteristics.

The training provides insight into unconscious personal prejudices. After the training, the participant will be able to handle this professionally.

The SDR® method teaches awareness, collaborative communication and understanding body language. These are skills used to proactively protect and maintain public order.


Our goal is promoting safety for both the public and private sector by providing training with awareness and connection at the core.


A safe society with respect for diversity