About SDR® Academy

What is SDR®?

Developed by behavioral profiling expert Ran Cohen, the Search Detect React® (SDR®) method is an operationally proven approach to accurately uncover malicious intent by attuning senses and sharpening natural instincts. This proactive security method focuses on prevention rather than reaction. Currently used by leading security teams, police precincts, and private companies, SDR® offers an effective, lawful alternative to ethnic profiling.

Headquartered at The Hague Security Delta, Europe's largest security cluster, SDR® Academy delivers fully customized programs that train personnel to:


Be aware of conduct that reveals criminal intentions. Know which behavioral cues and patterns to look for, and precisely how to find them, in milliseconds.


Identify individuals exhibiting questionable behaviors. Uncover actual threats in fast-paced environments by accurately distinguishing between benign actions and those that are truly malicious.


Respond quickly in order to legally prevent potential crime. Equip personnel to diffuse situations before they become dangerous, and aggressors before they become violent.

About Ran Cohen

Ran Cohen Founder & president Ran Cohen is the founder and President of SDR® Academy Nederland BV, as well as its parent company, ISCA. Ran personally works with each SDR® Academy client to ensure that every program is not only tailored specifically for their needs, but is of the highest quality and represents the excellence that comprises the SDR® Standard. Ran holds an MBA from the University of Derby, and has been involved in the field of security since 1984, with experience ranging from the military to the police to the Israel Security Authority.

In the 1990s, Ran realized the need for early detection methods based on behavior profiling, and in 2004, he launched ISCA to perfect his security method according to today’s security threats with operational protocols and procedures. SDR® has grown to be ISCA’s leading product, and as such, SDR Academy Nederland BV was created to focus on its implementation and continuous development.

Ran has presented ISCA’s ideas underpinning the SDR® philosophy, such as counter-ethnic profiling procedures for public security and order, to various global forums, including:

  • The UNICRI Private Public Partnerships of the UN,
  • Open Justice Initiatives and Amnesty International at the latest UNICRI PPP conference,
  • The Future Security Conference; CEPOL (European Police College),
  • European university security management programs, among others.

Our team

The SDR® Academy team is a multidisciplinary group of experienced professionals that understand the big picture of public security, while having a nuanced understanding of the various concerns, requirements, obstacles and opportunities toward ensuring a safer environment.

Ran Cohen

Founder and President

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Elles Achterhof

Chief Operations Officer

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Boaz Benjamin Braaksma

Assistant trainer

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Roselle Jansen

Assistant trainer

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Trijnie Vlietstra

Senior Consultant

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